Gotemba Competition Center


Gotemba Competition Center is a world class site,  and one of only four in Japan.    The center is around 10 minutes from our club and has the following facilities which are open to all our members who are interested in competing:

  • Olympic Size dressage and jumping arena
  • 2nd outdoor arena 
  • 76 meter indoor arena with facilities for music
  • 200 horse stabling facilities
  • 16 meter round pin
  • Judge tower
  • Showers and rest areas
  • Blacksmith
  • Groom accommodation (dorm or private)
  • Parking for 60 horse trucks and 230 private cars
Japanese website for this center can be found here


Competition Season

Competition Season runs from April to November each year with events running most weekends.

Renting Gotemba Competition Site 

Our Club is able to rent out the whole of Gotemba Competition site for a day or longer  for our own use to prepare for a competition.  We are able to access all of the facilities including the indoor arena.    This special arrangement is only offered to Gotemba Equestrian Clubs.