Welcoming Heelan Tompkins at Okamoto Riding Club!

From July 8th, Heelan will be joining Okamoto Riding Club's team. Heelan is an experienced rider and teacher, who participated to several world competitions, including Olympic's equestrian three day event at Athens and Beijin. She will be pleased to provide you with great lessons and useful riding tips.

From May 30th, we have a newborn baby at Okamoto Riding Club!

Meet with Sabrina, a cute lady born on May 30th. She is the daughter of Rasputin (our great Swedish Champion) & Kihara. 

Sabrina is doing well and is growing so fast!

May Gotemba Competitions' results (1st competition of the season):

A2 - Dressage - Day 1 :

Matsumoto-san & Rasputin - 2nd

Takeda-san & Night Passion - 3rd

Matsumoto-san & Alwa - 7th

A1 - Dressage - Day 2 :

Matsumoto-san & Rasputin - 5th

Matsumoto-san & Alwa - 10th

Dawn & Symphony - 11th

Kai & Symphony - 14th

Takeda-san & Night Passion - 23rd

Out of 28 participants

A1 - Dressage - Day 1:

Okamoto-san & Alwa - 3rd

Out of 35 participants

A1 - Dressage - Day 2:

Okamoto-san & Alwa - 6th

Mari-san & Night Passion - 17th

Out of 25 participants